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Lifting each out of poverty until there is one less


TOLF Ambassador Program

Why become a TOLF Ambassador?

Because you care about ending poverty and providing support to those in need as they gain the skills to help themselves. It’s an easy way to volunteer, and because everyone is a philanthropist!

What are the benefits of being a TOLF Ambassador? Other than receiving our sincerest gratitude and that warm feeling you get from helping others, there are monthly prizes and acknowledgement (via our social networks, and website) for:


What does a TOLF Ambassador do? TOLF Ambassadors  are our grassroots team of volunteers who help spread the word about our organization, mission and programs by:

1. Refer people to TOLF’s programs

2. Refer volunteers to TOLF

3. Participate in Everyone a Philanthropist 2016 fundraising campaign: ‘Ten for $10’

For details on the TOLF Ambassador program, click here to read or download our FAQ’s.TOLF Ambassador FAQs

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