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RISE is a youth mentoring program with a focus on academics, specializing in keeping students on track to graduate high school and preparing them to attend college (including trade or tech school), learn a skill or entering the work force.. The goal of the RISE Mentoring program is to help students Reach Independence and Success through Education. The program is designed to help participants:

RISE (Reaching Independence and Success through Education) is a youth mentoring program which guides students through developing education and employment goals for life after high school. Our mentors work with students to ensure they are on track to graduate high school, help them learn to set and achieve goals, discuss and learn about different career options, review the process for applying to college including providing assistance with completing college applications; ensuring students are aware of the dates and registration process for taking standardized tests (SAT or ACT) for college admission; and help to prepare youth for college life. Mentors may also assist youth in obtaining information about technical schools, vocational training, apprenticeships or other work training programs. Students will work with their mentor to find appropriate financial assistance (scholarships and grants) for their after high school plans. The RISE Program also encourages youth to learn about the world around them through arts and culture. Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to attend the initial session with their child, however it is not required.

Each student is paired with a mentor who works with them throughout their time in high school., until they graduate. Students in this program may participate in group activities such as a tour of a college campus, trips to cultural events, and more. This program is open to youth ages 13-18.

RISE Program

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Student who participate in the RISE mentoring, program receive the first opportunity to register for our youth community events when they are offered. Community events, workshops and classes are open to the general public and fill quickly.

Check our calendar for the schedule of community events which may include:

1. SAT Prep: a 6-week course to prepare high school juniors and seniors to achieve the highest score they can on the college entrance test

2. ACT Prep: a 6-week course to prepare high school juniors and seniors to achieve the highest score they can on the college entrance test

2. The Reading Workshop: a 3-week course to get students ready for college level analytical reading and comprehension.

3. Writing for College: a 3-week course designed to help students prepare for writing the numerous papers that will be required for their college classes. This course will help students learn to better organize thoughts and ideas, learn different styles of writing and proper citation.

Get updates on programs, find out about scholarship opportunities and other general resources for high school and college students. Read stories about and from our RISE participants. You can also see more of our pictures on our Program Photos page to see how Hope & Opportunity is creating change in the lives of Philadelphia area students.

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Are you an agency or non-profit organization, looking for a program to help the teens you work with. Our program, curriculum and trained volunteers may be a good fit for you. To find out how your organization can use the RISE and supplemental programs, please contact us for more information. (Downloads in Adobe Acrobat .pdf)