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Lifting each out of poverty until there is one less


Piggy Bank & Paint Project

As part of our effort to begin closing the wealth gap, and primarily the racial wealth gap between economically challenged households of color and their upper middle class and wealth counterparts, we are working with youth ages 5-14 to create a new generation of savers, as one component in addition to our advocacy work to right side up state and federal tax laws so those in lower income households are no longer penalized for accumulating savings and assets, which are needed to help them climb out of poverty.

The Piggy Bank & Paint project partners with elementary and middle schools in underserved communities to bring workshops into schools for students, with a fun way for them to begin to learn about money and start creating life long habits of savings. This project also partners with professional artists who work with the students to help them bring out their creative sides and paint their individual piggy banks to showcase their personalities.

We are proud to partner with Citizens Bank on the Piggy Bank & Paint project to offer special youth savings accounts that parents can open for their children so that start learning how money can make money through earned interest.

In 2017, the goal of the Piggy Bank & Paint project is to work with 100 youth in our workshops and to help put them on the path to a lifetime of financial responsibility and stability.

For 2017, the Piggy Bank & Paint project will be partnering with the following schools, with 50% of the available slots in each workshop set aside for children from each school, and the remaining seats open to the general public:

Roosevelt Elementary/Middle School at 430 E. Washington Lane on April 29, 2017

Blaine Elementary/Middle School at 3001 W. Berks St. Date TBA

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