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Lifting each out of poverty until there is one less


Additional ways to support our organization and programs

Interested in creating a Workplace Giving program? Visit Benevity to learn how to start a program for supporting TOLF and let them do all the work for you.

Providing payroll deductions is an easy way for your employees to give to a cause that their employer supports.

Don’t forget to check to see if your employer makes matching charitable contributions. If your employer

makes matching contributions

If you need to submit our 501(c )(3) tax exempt information to your employer to submit

your request for a company match for your donation, download our information sheet to submit to your

company to complete a matching donation request here:   


There are a number of ways that you can support our organization, if a direct contribution is not able to happen at this time:

Take your contributions to the next level with donor-advised strategic giving. If you already have an account with one of the following companies, it might be easier than you think.

Information for Employers

Information for Employees

Making an in-kind gift donation, contact us for a list of technology and software we use with or programs.


Individual and Corporate Sponsorship

Make a BIG impact through a sustaining gift of sponsorship. As a sponsor you have the ability to make a

major impact with your gift and direct it to the program you want to support or to contribute to the

overall operating costs of our organization.

Learn how your gift supports our organization and the benefits you’ll receive as a


Individual Sponsorship Corporate Sponsorship

Donate a Tweet! #TOLF, #Give10 and #WhatPovertyTaughtMe via

Sign up at JustCoz and the app will send one of our automated tweets for you.once a day. The tweets are specific to our organization , programs and fundraising efforts  and is a great way for you to lend your voice to help support  the work we do. Let the tweets begin!

Fulfill one of the items on our wish list at

These are items that our organization would normally raise funds to purchase. These items help us with our in-school programs and our in-house programs that serve adults and students. We update our list as items become available on Good360.