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The  PATH program works to provide every participant with personal assistance, training and hope. This is a life coaching program works with adults  age 18 and up to help them gain better employment, education and to develop personal goals. PATH is designed to help participants:

Life coaches work with adults ages 18 and up, to develop goals related to gaining additional education and employment opportunities, and assisting with developing a plan for achieving goals. Our life coaches may also work with each individual on character development and developing basic life skills including studying for and obtaining a GED or enrolling in higher education or other skilled training programs.

Each participant meets with their coach once a week for the duration of the 12-week program. Weekly sessions are individualized to meet the needs of each person and their current situation. Schedules are developed around the availability of life coaches and participants. Individuals in the life coaching program are also encouraged to attend seminars that are open to the general community.

Graduates of our program go on to receive their GED’s, enroll in college, upgrade to higher paying employment and achieve goals they had long ago set aside.

To register to get a Life Coaching to help you plan your next moves please complete click on the button below .

If you need help in studying for and obtaining a GED, you can register to join one of our GED prep classes and attend at the same time you are in the PATH Life Coaching program or prior to being matched with a life coach. The GED Prep class runs for 12-weeks, with each class meeting three times a week for 3-hour classes. All classes meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The schedule for the upcoming classes can be seen, when you click below to register. Class sizes are small, to allow for more individualized attention. GED Prep is a separate registration.


Are you an agency or non-profit organization, looking for a program to help the adults you work with. Our program, curriculum and trained volunteers may be a good fit for you. To find out how your organization can use the Life Coaching program, please contact us for more information. (Downloads in Adobe Acrobat .pdf)

PATH Life Coaching

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Get a little inspiration to uplift and keep you motivated on your journey. We know the work may sometimes be hard, but it is always worth the time and effort you put in. Read stories about and from our PATH Life Coaching and GED Prep participants and graduates. You can also see more of our pictures on our Program Photos page to see how Hope & Opportunity is creating change in the lives of Philadelphia area adults.

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