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Lifting each out of poverty until there is one less


Campaigns, Projects and Initiatives

In addition to our regular programming, THE ONE LESS FOUNDATION also organizes special campaigns, projects and initiatives that align with our advocacy work and helps to further our mission of alleviating poverty. The funding for our advocacy work, as well as the ability to do our special projects and initiatives has primarily come from public donations, which enables us to have the ability to quickly reach the communities our outreach needs to reach.

The campaigns we support and are a part of are often part of the work we do with our national Stop The Debt Trap coalition to affect changes in federal regulations and laws related to high cost lending products, and working to get rid of products that mire consumers in cycles of debt that are unable to escape and are most often targeted to the most financially vulnerable. On a state and local level, our advocacy work allows us to have a tremendous impact on the communities that our organization and programs serve on a daily basis.

Read more about the campaigns we’ve worked on and supported by visiting our Advocacy and Research page.

Our projects support the work the organization does by focusing on short term and impactful ways to educate the general public about poverty and related issues. We utilize our projects as a way to tell the story of our work and those we are working with and positively affecting with our programs.

What Poverty Taught Me is our ongoing project, which tells the story of poverty centering on a specific sub-topic, each year.

The Piggy Bank & Paint Project is part of our larger initiative working to close the racial wealth gap in the US for underserved communities of color.

Get involved as a volunteer, donor and/or supporter of our campaigns, projects and initiatives and together we can shed a light on poverty and implement solutions that work to create paths out of poverty.

Learn more about our long term initiatives, and how they tie together our advocacy work and our projects to help our organization work in a deliberative manner to further our mission.